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Inspiring Yourself - The Arts

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Art to Heart

Happy New Year!

I spent most of the Christmas and New Year break in a mixture of sleeping, eating and consuming stories of one sort or another. Lots of reading, watching films and online theatre

I find the arts invaluable during life in general, but they have been especially so over the last months during  COVID restrictions. Why are they so important? They can be seen as ephemeral, but I have come to appreciate that the apparently frivolous is actually essential.

The arts feed our mind, and they nourish our soul. And when our mind and soul are satisfied, that fuels everything else. It was not for nothing that Vera Lynn went out to entertain the troops.

How should we engage in the arts?

  • We can consume,
  • we can create, and
  • we can support artists.

Feed Your Mind

Consuming art inspires us, whether it be theatre, film, music, reading fiction or nonfiction, watching comedy or looking at paintings. We get inspired and refreshed.  We get moved, we get challenged and, as a result, we grow. Stuff in equals stuff out.

Leaders need to be great storytellers. We can only become better storytellers when we engage with many stories.

Make to Make a Difference

We can create art. You don’t have to be good, but I would encourage you to do it anyway, whether by dancing, drawing, painting, making music or writing. What we create may or may not be for the consumption of others. Most of it will probably never see the light of day. Don’t worry, create anyway. It’s good for our mental health, it’s relaxing, it gives us an outlet.

If you’re religious, you can think of it as a type of prayer. I certainly do.

Keep Your Arts Pumping

And please, please, please at this time, support artists in any way that you can. The industry, particularly for live performers, is in a dire situation. Take any opportunity you can to watch online performances and pay for them. We need the arts, and we don’t want to lose them.

I will repeat it: the apparently frivolous is essential.

Get a MAGIC Boost!

Book 60 minutes one-to-one with John to apply the MAGIC formula just where you need it right now.

Possibilities include:

– Finding your motivation
– Getting organised and focussed
– Preparing for a tough conversation
– Getting ready to lead a team meeting
– Preparing for a speech or presentation

and more!

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