The MAGIC Formula – Help, Please!

The MAGIC formula:


It applies to:

Your clients
Your team
Your prospects 

Can You Help?

No article this week, I am pausing for breath.

Instead, please may I ask for your help?

I am building a resource for team leaders, based on my MAGIC formula.

So that it can be as effective as possible, I would love to incorporate the experience of other team leaders as well as myself.

f you are a team leader or a team member, would you be able to have a 15-minute call with me so that I can ask you some questions about your experience?

If you are not a team leader, do you know anyone who is and would you be able to introduce them to me?

Many thanks and best wishes,


Get a MAGIC Boost!

Book 60 minutes one-to-one with John to apply the MAGIC formula just where you need it right now.

Possibilities include:

– Finding your motivation
– Getting organised and focussed
– Preparing for a tough conversation
– Getting ready to lead a team meeting
– Preparing for a speech or presentation

and more!

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