The Light Fantastic

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The Light Fantastic

Take time to see the light.

At this time of year, towards the end of February, at this time of the morning, 11:30 am, the light coming into my office/studio window is sublime. I have discovered that it catches me unawares. I find that, even if I’m due to go and do something else, I can’t move. I have to sit there and enjoy it for at least a minute.

I find that this act of generosity to myself, to allow myself to enjoy the sun’s rays through the window for a minute or two during a busy life, is hugely rewarding. Letting the light and its beauty penetrate my brain, just noticing it and enjoying it, is a mini mindfulness exercise that spurs dividends throughout the rest of the day.

Velcro and Teflon

I heard a talk or read in a book sometime last year that we remember bad things much more quickly than good things. Something to do with spotting tigers in the grass, apparently. Potential hazards are like Velcro in our brains, and beautiful, uplifting things tend to be like Teflon. We will immediately latch on to the negative and find it hard to forget. However, If we want something positive to register, we have to dwell on it for at least 30 seconds for it to sink in.

Given this is how our brains are wired, why not develop the habit of stopping and dwelling on beautiful, funny or uplifting things? Give yourself 30 seconds for them to embed, and they will provide resources for your life going forward.

Be generous to yourself, Give yourself time, and load yourself up with positive stuff. Stuff in equals stuff out.

See the light. Notice the light. Allow the light to sink in and stick.

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