Be Kind by MAGIC – Introduction

Being kind is a superpower in business. 

What do I mean by this?

In this context, kindness is not an airy-fairy concept. It is intensely practical. I am not talking about random acts of kindness here, although they are lovely and to be commended. This is about something different.

Kindness can be intentional, and kindness can be planned. I’m talking about your mindset, of how you set priorities and how that affects your present and future actions.

Be kind to yourself and then be kind to others.

A Kind Magic

It is rather like being a magician.

You have to resource yourself before you perform for an audience; be kind to yourself so that you can be kind to them. You undergo training and rehearsal. You look after your health so that you have energy. Then, when you perform, you put the audience first: you work out a show that serves them. How can you best present the best of what you have in a way that is best for them? 

The How

How do you be kind in business? 

You apply the MAGIC formula: 


The Who

Who should you be kind to?

  • In the background, you need to be kind to yourself. How do you manage and lead yourself? 
  • In service industries, you need to be kind to your clients. How do you serve your clients? 
  • In leadership, you need to be kind to your team. How do you manage and lead your team? 
  • In sales, you need to be kind to your prospects. How do you serve your prospects?

The Detail

Over the next few weeks, I will be taking a detailed look at what it means to apply the MAGIC formula in all these areas.

Be kind, by MAGIC. 

It’s a business superpower.


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