Credibility Part 3 – with Yourself

I’m starting with the man in the mirror…

The first post in this trilogy was about being credible online, the next in person. This post is about having credibility in your own eyes. Do you believe in yourself and value yourself?

Respect Yourself

Are you building up your own self-belief or eroding it? This can be done in the way that we choose to dress, the hobbies that we allow ourselves, our choice of food how much trouble we take over ourselves. L’Oreal’s “Because I’m worth it” campaign might be slightly clichéd now but it makes an important point. 

As the Kane Gang sang (a cover version, I believe) in the ‘80s, “If you don’t respect yourself ain’t no-one gonna respect you…” 

Finding Your Threads

I knew exactly what I wanted to wear when  I was at university and it reflected who I was. It was slightly ridiculous but, hey, who cares? 

Then I lost that fashion (or anti-fashion) self-confidence for about 20 years! It was not until my mid-40’s that I discovered a new style that I felt reflected my character, both who I am now and who I am aiming to be. As they say, “Dress for the success that you wish to see.” It took me far too long to get to that point but I have been making much better progress in life and work since I did.

Environmental Change

Think about your work environment – is it working for you or against you?

I work from home so I have ultimate control over this. Make sure that you have pictures, ornaments, music that encourage and feed your creativity and productivity. 

As a magician I find that I have to props strategically placed around my office, my house and my car so that I am reminded to do a few minutes practice throughout each day. I have set up the environment to make this easy for me. Do the same with your working environment. 

If you are in any way creative – writing, presenting, giving speeches, performing – then you need to feed your mind and spirit in order to have the resources you need. Stuff in equals stuff out.

Make a Date

I read “The Artist’s Way” years ago. There are several great concepts in that book, but the one that springs to mind here is the Artist’s Date. Give yourself a date with yourself regularly when you go out an do something that you love, that feeds your soul. The more that you do it, the more that you will realise that you are worth it, the more it will build your credibility with yourself.

Believe in yourself. Nurture yourself.

Because you’re worth it.

2 Replies to “Credibility Part 3 – with Yourself”

  1. I’ve really enjoyed this ‘trilogy’.
    Mostly listening to someone who has their mind sorted is uplifting. Mentally I’m weak beyond belief.
    The power of having a goal, trying to achieve that dream and the self belief to try is what happiness is about.
    I’m still looking for that thing I want to do. It’s embarrassing at my age to have nothing to fight for, to look for too, to aim towards.
    Drifting through life with the current, rather than putting a paddle in the water and trying to get somewhere.
    Consequently I have no self respect, self worth or confidence.
    JH is very wise and talks sense.

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